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Race Courses & Racing Tracks
Racing & Hunt Clubs
Racing Syndicates
Racks & Stands New & Used
Racquet Restringers & Repairers
Radiation Oncologist
Radiator M/factrs & W/salers
Radiator Replacement Repair & Services
Radio Car Stereos
Radio Communication Equipment Sale Hire & Service
Radio Frequency Interference Screening Services
Radio Programme Production
Radio Station - AM/FM
Radiology & Radiographers
Rail Service Operators
Railway & Tram Rolling Stock
Railway Clubs
Railway Construction Equipment
Rainwear & Wet Weather Gear M/factrs & W/salers
Range Hoods Sales & Service
Razor & Industrial Blades - M/factrs & W/salers
Reading Improvement Coaching & Tuition
Real Estate - Buyer's Agents
Real Estate Advisory Services
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Auctioneers
Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Listing Services
Recording Studios & Services
Recording Supplies & Equipment
Rectifiers & Inverters
Recycling Equipment
Reflective Products & Materials
Refractories & Refractory Materials
Refrigerated Transport Equipment & Trucks
Refrigerated Transportation Services
Refrigeration - Domestic Sales
Refrigeration - Domestic Service & Repairs
Refrigeration - Industrial & Commercial Sales & Service
Refrigeration Equipment M/factrs & W/salers
Regalia & Academic Wear Specialists & Hire Services
Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation Services & Supplies
Reiki Therapist
Relaxation & Stress Therapy
Relocation Services & Consultants
Renal Medicine & Dialysis
Rescue & Emergency Services
Research - Scientific & Industrial
Resins & Products
Restaurants - Theatre
Resume Preparation Services
Retail & POS Computer Software
Retaining Walls
Retiree Organisations
Retirement Planning Advisors
Retirement Villages & Homes
Ribbons & Tapes - M/factrs & W/salers
Rigging & Erection Contractors
Risk Management Consultants
Rivets & Riveting Equipment & Machinery
Road & Line Marking Contractors
Road Building Machinery Sales & Service
Road Construction Contractors
Road Transport Vehicles Design M/factr & Equipment
Roadhouses & Truck Stops
Roadside Vehicle Assistance
Robotics & Automation Systems
Rock Climbing Centres & Equipment
Roller Doors Shutters & Grilles
Roller Skating Rinks
Rollers - Wood Metal & Rubber M/factrs
Roof Construction Specialists
Roof Repairs & Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
Roof Truss & Wall Frame Construction
Roofing Materials & Supplies
Rope Twine Lashings & Webbing Suppliers
Rotary Hoeing Services
Rowing Clubs
Rubber & Metal Stamp Makers' Supplies & Equipment
Rubber & Metal Stamps
Rubber M/factrs & W/salers
Rubber Retailers
Rubbish & Waste Removal
Rugby League Clubs
Rugby Union Clubs
Rugs - Importers & Retail
Rustproofing & Protection Services
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