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Dairy Equipment & Supplies
Dairy Products - M/factrs &/or W/salers
Damp Houses - Waterproofing & Repairs
Dance & Carnival Novelties
Dance Accessories Apparel & Supplies
Dance Clubs
Dancing Schools & Venues
Dangerous Goods - Storage & Handling
Darts Clubs
Data Communications Installation Services
Data Processing & Preparation
Day Spas & Springs
Debt Collection/Mercantile Agents
Degreasing Equipment & Machinery
Dehumidifying Equipment & Machinery
Demolition Contractors & House Wreckers
Dental & Dentistry - Emergency Services
Dental & Dentistry - Laboratories
Dental & Dentistry Prosthetics
Dental & Dentistry Technician
Dental Equipment & Supplies
Dental Health Products
Dental Machinery - Repairs & Service
Dentist & Dentistry - Public Health Specialist
Dentists & Dental Clinics
Dentists - Special Needs
Department Stores
Desktop Publishers
Diagnostic Radiology Services
Diagnostic Ultrasound Services
Diamond - Cutting Tools Suppliers
Diamond - Traders
Diary M/factrs &/or W/salers
Dictaphones & Dictating Machines
Die Casting & Molding
Diesel Fuel Injection
Dietician & Nutritionist
Digital Printers
Directories & Notice Boards M/factrs
Directory Publishers
Disabled Persons' Services & Equipment
Disabled Persons' Support Organisations
Disadvantaged Groups & Aid Organisations
Disc Jockeys - Mobile Hire
Disc Jockeys' Equipment & Supplies
Discount Shops
Dishwashing Machines New & Used
Dishwashing Machines Servicing & Parts
Dispensing Equipment Service & Supplies
Display & Exhibition Equipment - New & Hire
Display Homes
Disposable Paper Products
Disposal Stores
Distilled Water Suppliers
Diving - Commercial Services
Diving - Recreational
Diving - Supplies & Equipment
Doctors & Medical Practioners
Document Scanning Services
Dog & Cat Grooming
Dog & Cat Minding - In Home
Dog Breeders
Dog Clubs
Dog Products & Accessories
Dog Training Schools & Trainers
Dolls & Doll Accessories
Domestic Help Agencies
Door & Gate Equipment - Automatic
Door & Gate Fittings & Hardware
Doughnuts - Supplies & Equipment
Drafting & Drawing Furniture & Supplies
Drafting & Permit Services
Drainage Products & Equipment
Drainers & Drainage Services
Drama Training
Dredging Contractors & Equipment M/factrs
Dress Fabrics & Materials
Dress M/factrs &/or W/salers
Dressmakers' Models & Dress Patterns
Driving Schools
Driving Schools - Advanced
Driving Schools - Plant Operator Licence Training
Drug & Alcohol Education & Counselling
Drum M/Factrs Reconditioners & Traders
Dry Cleaning Equipment
Dry Cleaning Services
Drying Equipment & Kilns Sales & Service
Duct Cleaning Specialists
Ductwork & Ducting M/factrs
Dust Collection & Fume Control Equipment
Duty Free Stores
Dyeing Services - Commercial/Industrial
Dyes Dyestuff & Supplies
Dynamometer Equipment
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